LIBERATION COLLARS AND CUFFS - HOVE 13/3/15 Saturday - 9pm to 2am Orgy house party for COUPLES AND SINGLE WOMEN, HOVE

orgiastic house party by invite only, HOVE VENUE - PURPLE play room - chill, soft swing, voyeurism and exhibitionism. RED room - full on play, mirrored and massive matressed area.

adult party, chill, light bdsm and swinging allowed (know your limits) voyeurism, exhibitionism, KINKSTERS and SWINGERS ALL WELCOME, NEWBIES AND THE CURIOUS ESPECIALLY WELCOME! max capacity 20 persons non-strict dress code - COLLARS, CUFFS, kinky, lingerie or nothing at all x undress to impress

byo booze, £6p/p in advance or £9p/p on door

book, text username to 07949202710