October is the time at which begins crazy and adventurous student life.

We invite you, therefore, to us at the start of the academic year! :)

You will have the opportunity to take part in lectures about sexuality and giving pleasure.

And as befits exemplary students theoretical knowledge check on exercises.

Surprise for students! After the presentation of a valid student identification card (two persons of the pair) is waiting for you discount of PLN 50 tickets: D

Price list:


190 PLN / 140 PLN * (bar surcharge)

250 PLN / 200 PLN * (open bar)

* Come to the club at 22:00 and will force you lower the price.

In addition, it shall also apply to holders of club card or prepaid account earlier Euphoria Club (at the time of payment, and do not use the input - payment is forfeited).