Feel like a porn star!

Take part in the presentation, we will arrange at the bar area.

Be brave and report back to volunteer. Show others how it should look like a real gangbang! :)

Events for conscious, open women who are best to play in the company with a predominance of men ...

And men who do not compete with other men and strive for a common goal - satisfaction of women;)

In addition, you will be able to test for female guests our new toy - sex machine, which will further enhance your experience.

List Price:


190 PLN / 140 PLN * (bar surcharge)

250 PLN / 200 PLN * (open bar)

Single woman

free (bar surcharge) / 50 PLN (open bar)

Single man

150 PLN / 100 PLN * (bar surcharge)

200 PLN / 150 PLN * (open bar)

* Come to the club at 22:00 and will be valid lower price you

In addition, it shall also apply to holders of club card

or after prior prepaid account Euphoria Club (at the time of payment, and do not use the input - payment is forfeited).