Třinecká 672 , Praha 9 Leťnany
Prague, Tschechische Republik


A Couples Only, Premium SpicyMatch Party Validation
One Lucky Couple will win a FREE Lifestyle Holiday at Spice Lanzarote Resort


* Welcome Drink
* Erotic Show
* Jacuzzi at the bar
* Cold Finger Food Buffet +
* Free SpicyMatch Merchandise
* SpicyMatch Full Membership Vouchers in competitions
* Special prize for the sexiest couple in Halloween costume


This is a Premium SpicyMatch Validation Event.
All SpicyMatch Couples WHO ATTEND this event will receive our Premium SpicyMatch Validation and will be entitled to discounted our Premium Membership Rates. For more info contact SpicyMatch Czech Republic


Art Kategorie Verfügbarkeit Preis
SpicyMatch full member couple Paar 23 30,00
SpicyMatch full member single woman Solo Frau 20 5,00