Club Hermione Presents

2016's First Party Invitation

Saturday, January 23rd

You've been selected to apply to our January 23rd 2016 first party of the new year.

This is our most exclusive line of events. Only our most attractive members will be selected to attend the party. Age limitation is 18-45. The party will be held in a luxury house in a secret Central London location. Our parties start at 21:00 sharp and end at 2:30. No overnight stay.

- The party is limited to 20 couples and 10 single girls.

- £200 per couple and £75 for single girls.


- You must apply to the party by sending new recent pictures. If you do not look like your pictures you will be denied entry to the party.

- Only highly attractive guests will be considered.


- In order to be considered as a guest you must reply to this email with new recent clear full body and facial photographs along with a short description of why you believe you should be invited to attend. On Spicy match you can simply private message us or email us to

- Applications will be accepted until January 15th 2016.

- This invitation is sent to more than 2000 couples and single girls. Spaces are extremely limited. Only our most attractive members will be considered so if you do not hear from us by the 15th of January,it is likely that you were not accepted. You will be invited to apply for our next party.


Currently Channel Four are filming with Club Hermione for a documentary set to be released in 2016.

They are looking for people in their 20’s -40’s (couples or single women) to share their experiences of attending sex parties for the new documentary series. First timers are prioritised in the selection process

Discretion guaranteed if you wish to remain anonymous. You would be interviewed and filmed on your journey from Friday before the event, then walking into the event and potentially after the event in a disclosed location. Nobody would see your face and you can opt for a voice over.

If you agree to be interviewed you will get a free entry pass to any of our parties in 2016.

If you would like to find out more and are interested in potentially taking part, please mention this with your application, send recent pictures of yourself and your partner to for more information. *UK applicants only.

Unfaithfully Yours

Club Hermione