Swingers - Born or Made?

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Donnerstag 14 März 2013

I'm a swinger. I wasn't always a swinger, but I was never *totally* adverse to the idea of swapping partners (cue early memories of sitting on my first boyfriend's lap and snogging my best friend who was sat on her lad's lap).

This topic came up at dinner recently, and led to the following question, are we born swingers, or do we become swingers through life experience? Is it a matter of upbringing, or is it the way we're 'wired' as is claimed to be the case with Gay people?

Our guests were of mixed opinions. She was convinced that she became open to the idea over time, and that the idea sprouted from fantasies she shared with her husband. These fantasies became more central to their sex life until the inevitable happened in the form of a petite barmade & a cosmo too many whilst on holiday. This broke to taboo so to speak, and gradually the comfort zone was really & truly forgotten.

He on the other-hand was adamant that a person is born with certain genetic predispositions, such as to drink, gamble, be shy or be honest. And that the moral compass that is instilled in us by parents and peers during our upbringing does not much more than to tweak and fine tune it.

Admittedly the concept of swapping partners might sound as shocking to some people as cheating on your partner, and that in itself might be an indication that the truth lies somewhere in the hazy-grey middle.

I myself haven't been totally convinced one way or the other, and look forward to hearing your opinions.

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