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Freitag 4 Januar 2019

Don't look here for something profound or with claims of true rightness. It's just thinking out loud. Thoughts which addressed to single men who wish to meet, get to know each other and spend time together. Take it as small recommendations.

1. Read the profile information. It is important. It really saves a lot of time, yours and a couple. If you are a dreamy romantic, don't try to make contact with a couple who say that they are not interested in anything other than sex. No matter how hard you will try, a couple will not be interested in your cats, your grandmother's jam, or sunset walks. And vice versa. Everything is written in the profile. Indeed.

2. If someone from the couple liked your photo, don't take it as half of the success. People are different. Someone likes a photo to get attention. Someone does it to make others nice. Someone just liked the photo. Like doesn't mean that they are ready to meet with you

3. If you wrote and you got an answer, this is also not half the success. Maybe those people are just polite and well-mannered.

4. If you are completely lost after this point and do not know how to behave now, I have one more tip - try to hear what these people are talking about. Be attentive. Don't make a compromise with your testosterone, you will only get frustrated after that, but this is not what you came here for, isn't it?

5. You will not spoil anything with compliments, but be original! In fact, you have no idea how many single men write to women here, how beautiful they are, how much you want their, and what kind of cunnilingus you can give them. Be honest - to hell with cunnilingus! It might never come to, because our husbands, with whom we came to the swing, already know how to do it, be sure. And they know our body better than you. Try to be interesting in something else. In what? See the points above :) read the profile, be attentive...

All this, of course, does not concern the maîtres, who know which strings should be touched first...

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I'm one of those who hates writing the first message, but i do it occasionally. Mostly because i don't know exactly what to say to someone i don't know. And as a single male, i certainly don't want to come off to aggressively. What i always keep in mind doing though, is making sure the ones i'm contacting is always in charge. And that everything, if anything happens on their premisses.

Agree with every word. Taking the effort to both complete your profile and read IN FULL another's will reward you no end. I took the liberty of asking everyone who messages us to preface their all-important, first contact with a few words of my choosing. This simple, but ingenious, task immediately filters off prospective playmates who aren't happy to play along(cos repetition of my words will guarantee a response - almost definitely!