G is for G spot - Dr Shelley's A-Z of Sex

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Freitag 28 September 2018
G is for G spot - Dr Shelley's A-Z of Sex

As a woman you know when your g-spot is activated by a nice hard penis, fingers or a sex toy! It’s that super sensitive erogenous zone inside your pussy that makes you instantly wet. G could also be for gushing or it is otherwise known as squirting or female ejaculation as inevitably that’s what happens when the g-spot is stimulated!

For me the perfect size cock can get it, or someone skilled with their fingers. I don’t squirt very often but I do gush and get very wet!

For each woman it is unique and different. Have fun trying to find it!!! It can be illusive!

Men have a g-spot too which is more commonly known as the prostate. Once again it can vary. More and more I find men love having their g-spots found too!!! It is important to be gentle on entering the anus. Keep your nails short and well filed. And some people prefer to wear a finger condom. Make sure you also use lots of lube or make it wet by some rimming or licking around the anus. That is very popular!

And the same goes for women too. Always make sure the pussy is well lubricated by cunnilingus and good quality chemical free lube. I say “chemical free” which includes paraben free, preservative free with zero mineral oil as it is a petrochemical and carcinogenic (cancer causing). The skin of the vagina is very absorptive and sensitive. It is essential to keep that area healthy and not load it up with chemicals that could lead to cancer. The skin is the body’s largest absorptive body. Only put on it that which you would eat! Plus then if you do end up eating any area you know you are not ingesting nasty chemicals into your system!!!

Known also as the Gräfenberg spot referencing the German scientist that acknowledged this zone, the term “G spot” was introduced by Dr. Beverly Whipple after she discovered that using a “come here” motion along the inside of the vagina produced a physical response in women. It is not actually one spot but an area of sensitivity inside the vagina linked to the clitorus.

Certain positions can be more beneficial for activating your g-spot, if you are a woman. I find cowgirl, with my partner on his back and me riding him on top works the best. And also doggy, being done from behind can hit it too. Take control girls and use that man for your own pleasure! Work it, experiment with different angles and explore what works for you!

With finger stimulation usually two fingers are best to stimulate the g spot for women, sometimes one is sufficient. And creating the motion of “come here” up towards the belly button or moving your finger in smooth round circles can activate the g-spot.

Sex toys, especially vibrating ones can work really well as they are more generalized and the added vibration can really get things going!

The same goes for activating the g-spot in men. Be gentle on entry. Don’t try to go in too far and use the “come here” motion or make small circles with the finger around the prostate. Usually one finger is enough for guys.

Some men prefer their prostate stimulated when they are lying on their back. Others like it when they have their ass up in the air. Added stimulation can also be given by stroking the cock at the same time as you explore their prostate, or giving them oral pleasure.

Being the Sexual Adventurers that you are, this is one more area of exploration you can undertake.

Take your time. G spot activation isn’t instant. It may feel like it is instantaneous when you actually do hit it! But sometimes it can take quite some stimulating and experimenting with different motions and in different areas inside before you actually find it!

Have fun exploring the G spot, in yourself, and your loved ones!

As with any treasure worth finding sometimes it can be a challenging route, but often the journey is also part of the discovery!

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