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Dienstag 15 Dezember 2015

As we are travelling a lot (because of our own events and being SpicyMatch Ambassadors for Germany), I thought, why not writing a blog about our experiences on journeys... Maybe this is interesting for some people, who wants to get to know, how is life when you are on lifestyle-trips. ;-)

Well, let's start with a really great event we visited last week: the Spice European Lifestyle Awards 2015 !

Organized and presented by the SpiceLifestyle Resort in Lanzarote.

This was our second time being in Lanzarote and of course, it is a nice and lovely place, although the weather was not the best this time. But it's december, so I really shouldn't complain about that.

Many, many people were expected, of course, all the winners, their friends and companions and just visitors that wanted to join the Award Ceremony. We were there to congratulate Chris&Nicky from SpicyMatch, that won the award for the "Best social Lifestyle Network" (second year in row) and to get to know some of the other ambassadors of other countries. Also we were very happy to get to know the winners for the "Lifestyle Lifetime Achievement Award" of last year - Peter and Jana - Cap Secrets. Both very elegant and charming persons!

Of course, we also met and could congratulate Toni and Erika from Mischievous Parties, the winners in two categories: “Best Lifestyle Event Organizer” and “Best Newcomer”. Two crazy, lovely people. The name "Mischievous" really fits to them, especially to him. ;-)

Unfortunately, the winner for the "Best Lifestyle Author" Sophie Andreskey was not there personally. Because I am a writer, too, I really would have liked to meet her. Hopefully another time!

Rebecca, the lady for Marketing Management from Spice (who doesn't know her?) ;-) was looking absolutely marvellous, like a greek goddess this evening. Chapeau, Rebecca, you are always a real pleasure for all our eyes!

There must be a big thanks to Tracy and Dean, the owners of Spice Lanzarote, that organize the whole event. We really liked the event, the organization, the food and everything. It was a great pleasure to join.

About the dresscode: My outfit for this evening classically was the "little black", bordeaux-red stockings, closed high-heels from "Guess", a black bolero and a black scarf. As accessoires I put on a rose chains-neckband, originally handmade by EroChains and two pearl earrings. For men the dresscode was suit, tie or bow tie and elegant shoes.

But of course, being there for "lifestyle" something sexual shouldn't be missed in my blog. ;-)

My personal highlight was watching a young couple (not a real couple, a "swapped" couple) on our first day in the Jacuzzi. Both young and slim and sporty, so something you don't see every day and is a pleasure to watch. ;-)

What was kinky to me, is that the guy had a really long, thick dick. Later I asked him about the length, he told me, that it's about 20 centimeter.

So, in the first moment, I didn't know the measure. Just saw that "huge" thing and could watch how the wonderful, pretty lady was playing with it, licking it and so on. She couldn't swallow it fully, but this doesn't matter. It was staying force and straight high, so seems he really liked her treatment. ;-)

Anyway, because I am capable of Deep Throat I couldn't avoid the question coming up in myself... if I would maybe be able to take it fully in my mouth... Starting to turn out as a really "burning" question in myself. Every time I saw the (by the way very charming) guy in the following days, this question plopped up in my mind. ;-)

How was the saying: Good girls go to heaven, bad girls come to everywhere... ;-)

Hahaha. I was a good girl, better say, a little coward, I didn't dare to ask for a try. That's the thing with shy and "good" young ladys... :-)

Anyway, we spent some great days in Spice Lanzarote (again), met a lot of amazing people and made some new friends. I am really looking forward to the "Hot n Spicy" TakeOver there in September 2016.

I am sure this will be a stunning event!

Our next trip will be to Schloss Milkersdorf, to "Rendevouz der Lüste". Stay tuned and be surprised what we will experience there!

Text © Mrs.HotnDirty (aka goldchild)

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hmm..... now we're curious as to who the "well-endowed" guy is... go on, don't keep him to yourself.... share