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Sonntag 15 Januar 2017

A potted history of AbFabParties.

AbFabParties was established over eleven years ago and provided a venue for people to meet up in a relaxed erotic environment.

A few years later, once we were established, a couple decided to set up FabSwingers - a web site for swingers. They didn't ask us if that was okay or seek to contact us in any shape or form. They just rode on the back of our success.

Our philosophy is what will be will be and let them get on with it.

Now, a few more years down the line, we thought it would be good to provide our members with a forum where they could chat and meet up. We therefore linked up with an internationally recognised group called Spicy Match who helped us set up our own contact website/forum which we named 'AbFabSwingers'.

Unfortunately guess who took umbrage to this - yes, FabSwingers. Again without having the decency to talk with us about their concerns they threatened us with legal action. A very abrupt email was received from a solicitor threatening all sorts of legal action.

On top of that FabSwingers have wiped us off the face of the earth. There is no longer any outlet for your comments/compliments.

We have decided that we don't want another legal battle over something so trivial so have changed our website to:-


If you have already registered on AbFabSwingers you will be automatically ported over.

Now might be a good time to switch to 'AbFabEncounters' and stay within the AbFab network.

Happy Encounters,

The AbFab Team.

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Sorry to hear bout this ! Hopefully you will have better year

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The UK has needed a fresh new websites for quite a while, and seems like AbFabEncounters is just the thing we needed. Well done, and keep the great work going. xxx

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This can only be positive progress

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Is there any parties in London during week?


All the parties are at our venue near Heathrow. We have a page on here with all our details and party listings

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Hi when is the next party during week ? Lou